Hello and welcome to sohoAustralia.

Let me explain to you what we are all on about.

You’ve probably heard of the term “lifestyle business” – which essentially means running a small business with “lifestyle” being a major factor; basically earning enough revenue from your business to fulfil your lifestyle desires.

You want to run a successful business, but you also want to have a life!

So welcome to sohoAustralia – where we have dedicated ourselves to serving you – fellow Australians – to start, run and succeed in your own “lifestyle business”.

Our mission is to inspire Australians to basically escape the rate race and make that move to a lifestyle business – and it can be done. With realistic expectation, the right planning, and good execution. From that solid foundation, you can then incorporate that “lifestyle” factor into your business.

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Cheers and all the best in your lifestyle business,

Martin Neumann